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You wanna support the site, but you lack the necessary funds. It's okay. We still love, and value you wholeheartedly.

As a Contributor you get the following benefits:

  • Your name will be included in a monthly post in the announcements with all of the supporters of the site.

 ► note: Please share your account name that is tied to your Patreon account in a comment or in a private message to this page if you don't want your Patreon account name used.

Passionate NC'er
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For those passionate and able to support us further. This is the usual donation value for the site. And gives you the same benefits as the paypal donation.


 All of the above + the following:

  • A donator medal on-site which gives you gif avatar and signature privileges. Please note your Account name in a private message to the page and we'll get you sorted.
NC Project Supporter
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As an NC Project Supporter you want to support us making more unique and awesome tools and projects that we have going for NC.

All of the above + the following:

  • 15$ feed where Yoshi will share links and topics he's working on for the site.
  • Access to a Patron exclusive part of the forum where team leaders (Dev, Bmod, Contract, Lore, Advertisement, etc.) will share exclusive upcoming content. 
  • Access to an exclusive patron Discord channel for the patrons to discuss and share ideas for the shared content and feeds.

► note: The content shared in these feeds and forums, are exclusive and sharing the content shared within these areas will be severely punished.

Includes Discord benefits




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First off, thank you all for being a part of the community of
And I want to point out, that you don't need to become our patron in order to enjoy the site fully and be a part of the community. This is only for those willing to help 

Why support us?
Ninpocho is free, it's open, and no one is earning any kind of funds from the site. The 1 ad we have on the site only covers and estimated 0.5% of our yearly payments. Patreon would enable us to actually perhaps get somewhere, it would enable upgrades, moving to a more efficient and effective host for our needs, it would render us more independent, and even provide the incentive to develop and build more things for our site that could help in the long run.

At certain moments, if a patron has consecutively supported us to a certain number of dollars, we will grant them special titles or other neat things more info on this later!

What is Ninpocho? is a roleplaying community site based on ninjas, death, story, writing and combat!
Ninpocho is unique in the way that we have an actively developed chance-based combat system that is ever-changing and ever evolving. Even on it's 14th year since it was first created back in 2004 we are still finding upgrades, updates and amazing tools that helps the community.
We have semi-regular events where we engage with each other and even do tournament fights. Our community is evolving and growing. And one of our goals is to ensure that we are able to move to a new host that enables us to grow even further without trying to find solutions that sacrifice our creativity.

Ninpocho is split into 4 different categories of users depending on their choice when they first start on the site. Either they join Sand, Cloud, or Leaf. The final category is our missing population which are members who decided to leave their affiliation with any of the main three villages.

We are an open community and are always willing to help and support new coming members.
Our Discord server is also open for players to join in and ask questions about the site and the community at large.

Our administration consists of veterans and uniquely skilled individuals who are assisting with the general management of the site and the community.

Legal notice
By submitting to patron for Ninpocho Chronicles, you are agreeing to the terms of use which include the following:
  1. You (the patron) agrees to the reality that the content shared on the patreon, including the exclusive discord channel, and the exclusive patron part of the forum on the website is to remain in the areas that it was originally shared. (i.e. Exclusive Discord channel, Patreon and exclusive forum)If any of the items or subjects brought up in these aforementioned areas (described in 1) leaves or is shared outside of it by you, you will be punished accordingly (described in 2.1 and 2.2):
  2. If any of the items or subjects brought up in these aforementioned areas leaves or is shared outside of it, by you, you will be punished according (described in b.i and b.ii)
    1. Upon discovery of fraudulent sharing of content, you will be disbarred from access to these exclusive areas, until the start of the next month.
    2. If continued sharing is discovered, you will be disbarred from having access to these areas, for the remainder of the year.
  3. You agree and understand that you, as a patron is not exempt from the site rules as showcased on the main site of and any violation of the site rules will result in the appropriate punishments for those infractions without exception.
$101 of $270 per month
At 270, we'll be able to be 6 months ahead of our server bills, meaning from 1 month of this, we'll be safe for 6 months! (this is huge!)

We will also do a full-blown thank-you live stream with a few admins lasting a couple of hours.
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