is creating a Second Life client for machinima and photography

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About Niran

Black Dragon is a very unique Viewer built for one specific purpose: Graphics.

In Black Dragon you'll find all graphical options surfaced in the UI, you can tweak each and every single one and it comes with a host of additional graphical features too. Black Dragon offers a much different user experience than any other Viewer out there, from changes controls, changed camera presets, new camera behavior, different UI, different implementations of features to the completely different graphics that will allow you to make the very best photos and videos and to top this all, you'll have an extended amount cool photography features like the Poser allowing you to strike any pose any time you want.

And this is only a tiny part of the cake, there's more! Inworld poser, rebind-able keys, massively improved graphics, quick updates and so much more!

Check out some cool pictures users have been taking!

Also check out my blog where you can get the latest releases: Black Dragon Blog

I'd also like to thank everyone who has been helping me in the past, whether it was just a nice little motivational speech or thanking me for my awesome work on the Viewer or my help i offered them when they had an issue. Trust me, while i may not sound like i'd like to accept a thanks for something that i think is natural to do, it does make a big difference and is probably the sole reason i was able to keep going. You're awesome!

Please note that regardless of how much you pay there are no special rewards besides crediting. I don't want anyone to be left out based on how much they pay nor is there really anything i could offer you. Everyone gets the same support, everyone gets the same Viewer and everyone will get a build early if they ask. So only pay if you think it is worth it and pay as much as you think it is worth to you based on nothing but what you've seen so far.
$390.98 of $600 per month
Wow, this would mean i could basically replace this with any job. Allowing me to spend pretty much all time not spent on other things on Viewer development without having to worry, this would also allow me to put a lot of money aside to keep working in case something happens. I could probably pay most of the house bills with this too!
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