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What's up guys? I'm ПIƬЯӨX!
I'm a music producer, digital artist, and I occasionally stream stuff!

Why did I make a Patreon Page?
Youtube has changed, and I really need your support to keep everything going. The internet is my job, and it's getting more and more difficult to make money and rely on the web to do so. Frequent uploads require time and dedication, and with certain advertisers losing faith in the Youtube site, as well as the terrifying video algorithm, it's just not the same as it once was. Not only that, but smaller channels (even though there are over 34k subscribers on my channel, I still consider it somewhat small) are having more difficulty than ever being discovered on that massive site.

Although it's scary to rely on Youtube alone, I do make money from music sales (iTunes) and music streaming (Spotify). Patreon just seems like a nice place to keep the cogs turning!

What does the money go into?
*New software for enhanced music, art, and video production!
*New hardware for live streams, tablets for digital art and game development, etc!
*A new horror/comedy audio series, known as "Ickybisque!"
*The funds needed to do this for a living! ;)

For the time being, the only rewards I can offer are limited: Early looks at concept art, game/comic story, high-quality artwork (art and line art without color), music instrumental packs, etc. Some of these rewards will be free for everyone, Patron or not!

JUST SO YOU KNOW: I don't expect anything from any of you that check out this page, but any help is greatly appreciated! One or two bucks is a small amount, but with the help of other people, that amount will grow! This could all happen eventually, even without your help, but maybe you would consider helping me force that awesome-sounding future into the present! Check out the links below to find me all over the internet!


Thanks for stopping by! ;)

1% complete
Let's hit the ground running! I'll be able to afford the occasional new programs, VST's, and supplies on a monthly basis! When we reach this goal, it'll be a BIG step forward!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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