Nivanh Chanthara

is creating Concept-Arts and Illustrations.
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About Nivanh Chanthara


my name is Nivanh Chanthara and I am a self-taught senior concept artist. I have designed characters, environments and accessories mainly for the video game industry, precisely for the Deus Ex franchise at Eidos Montreal. I also design concept arts for movies and tv-shows. I have recently developed art for the new Ghost in the Shell, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, American Gods and my ongoing personal dystopian city project co-created with Fred Rambaud, Babiru.

With these Patreon excusive videos I'm intending to share my different workflows with you. Photobash, drash, sketch colorization, drawing sessions, we will go trough all of them together at least one every month with access to high resolution wallpapers and layered photoshop files and brushes. Supporting me would make me able to create and share more different works.

Here are some exemples of the different technics we will explore as well as a sample of the first issue: Photobash_01 to give you an idea of what you will get for.

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