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About Nixie

Greetings, Programs! 

Who I Am
My friends call me Nixie. I've been tech-obsessed since birth. See? I remember my mom flinging open my bedroom door late at night thinking I was up to no good, just to find out I had fallen asleep in a pile of computer manuals. 20 some years later and I'm still learning, but now I teach others too!

What I Do
If my business cards were accurate, they would read:

I have two shows, one called OS.ALT (for 'Open Source Alternative') and Geekbuzz, my gaming and tech channel! I've been running them both for 6 years on my own. My drive? Creating videos that make geeks laugh and learn something. Like this one, for example:
Why I Need Your Help
To be honest, there's not much money to be made when you talk about free and open source projects. ;-) It has forever been a labor of love, but I've always been able to get by. Until now. 

Youtube been going through drastic changes since I started 6 years ago. False copyright claims against my videos, my ad revenue nose-diving - just to name a few. This has hit me so hard I have been seeking other employment just to make ends meet.

Wait a minute..
Why have I been chasing support from companies who don't care, instead of people.. who do? Who am I trying to teach in the first place? You. You've been all I've cared about. If this was Tron... I'd be Flynn; unwilling to be swallowed up by a big fish corporation. I want to say:
"Back off, Big Fish.."

Oh, and don't worry.
Any currency is accepted and gets automatically converted into dollars. Give what you can, but there's no pressure. My normal videos will always be free, and I hope that you find them as amusing and useful as I find it fun to create them.

Thanks so much for reading.

Nixie Pixel


EDIT: Here's a live stream to help answer questions and comments. Have a look!

Let’s face it, there’s not much apparel out there specific to Linux and Open Source geeks. I have worked really hard to change that. Those who pledge on the 'Master Control Program' level or above will receive a special high quality t-shirt designed by me!

NOTE: Patreon doesn't have a good reward fulfillment process yet, so please send me a message on Patreon to claim your rewards.

Many more prizes below, check it out! 

Have any more questions? Just send me an e-mail here and I'll do my best to answer them.

59% complete
To be honest, I've been borrowing a camera for my videos lately. My Panasonic (which I love) has a bad sensor, and the techs said I may as well buy a new camera. Your pledges will make that happen.
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