Kristin Link is creating art, sketchbooks, and research about natural history in Alaska

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Clear Creek
$1 or more per month
Receive access to online content and join my community of patrons. Every bit makes a big difference. Thank you!
  • Access to patron-only content
  • Connect with other patrons
Jim Creek
$5 or more per month
All Digital Content-

Get access to all of the digital content, including PDFs of my sketchbook zines, tutorials, and herbal recipes. Each month I'll share a recipe or recipe template for using the herbs and wild plants. The recipes will include a printable PDF and use herbs and wild Alaskan plants that I find growing near my home in McCarthy.

McCarthy Creek
$10 or more per month
This is a wonderful way to support my work and get something in the mail from me once a month. In addition to the content above, I'll send you a postcard, or a small print of recent work.

Often I'll send more that one thing. But it will be a surprise in a flat envelope. 

Kennicott River
$20 or more per month
Receive creative mail from me every month. Every other month this will be in the form of a sketchbook zine. Alternating months will receive a mini-version of my CSA share. Items might include artwork, art making supplies, or herbal creations. 

You will also have access to all online content.

Nizina River
$35 or more per month only 9 left
Each month I'll send you a CSA (Community Supported Art) box. Every other month this will include a sketchbook zine. Alternating months will receive other art prints or publications instead of the zine. In addition to printed artwork I'll include herbal creations, art making supplies, and other surprises and inspiration. Each month will have a theme and reflect a place. 

October - Copper River Watershed and Cordova

November - Looking back and looking forward, 2019 Calendar

December - Root Cellar Zine

January - Celebrating winter

Chitina River
$55 or more per month only 5 left
In addition to a full CSA share I'll send  you a large print or poster (11 x 14" or larger) each month.

Thank you so much!

Copper River
$300 or more per month only 4 left
Thank you so much for supporting me at this level! You will receive a full CSA share, an original work of art, and my sincere gratitude. I look forward to working with you and creating custom artwork. If you pledge at this level for multiple months we can work out a series of works, or combine months to commission a larger work. This level includes:
  • An original work of art (8.5 x 11") commission of a natural history subject (plant, animal, mineral, map) of your choice
  • A full CSA share (see Nizina River level)
  • All online content