NJ Artists is creating a website to support the local community of artists

$5 /mo
One-Time Social Media Ad

You may have noticed that NJ Artists typically does not share individual artwork or Art Pages as a general policy. However, with a $5 donation, we w...

$20 /mo
Daily Social Media Ads  - 2 weeks each

Do you have an event, class or workshop that you want campaigned on NJ Artists? A five dollar donation guarantees that we will post ab...

$100 /mo
Social Media Banner Ad - 1 month each

Donate $100 will get their original artwork featured as our social media banner for a month - complete with credits and a link to your ...

$150 /mo
Artist Sponsorship  - Annual

Want more than just a link on our sponsors page? Get a personal profile page complete with a 1-3 paragraph biography and a gallery of up to 15 s...

$200 /mo
Corporate Sponsorship - Annual

If you are a professional providing services to artists such as materials, consultations, representation, etc... and would like to have your b...