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is creating Rclone - "rsync for cloud storage"

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Contribute to rclone and get that warm fuzzy feeling that you are helping the project and making sure rclone keeps on moving your data.
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Copying your data is what rclone does best - contributing is a great way of supporting the rclone project to make sure it carries on doing so.
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Feel really good about supporting the rclone project. Sync is at the heart of what rclone does. It's the dizzying peak of the mountain built on the other layers of rclone.
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Rclone (rsync for cloud storage) is a command line program to sync files and directories (and so much more!) to and from different cloud storage providers.

Rclone supports over 40 different cloud providers from consumer (Google Drive, Dropbox) to enterprise (Box), to cloud native (S3, Azure Blob, Openstack Swift, Google Cloud Storage) to standardized (SFTP, WebDAV, FTP, HTTP).

Not only can rclone sync files it can also mount any of the storage backends as a network attached disk on Windows, macOS, Linux and FreeBSD. It can also serve any of the backends (including local disk) over SFTP, WebDAV, FTP, HTTP.

Users have called it "The swiss army knife of cloud storage" and "Technology indistinguishable from magic".

What are the funds for

Maintaining rclone is a lot of work - easily a **full time job**. Nothing stands still in the world of cloud storage! I love doing the work and I'd like to spend more time doing it - your support helps make that possible.

Other projects I maintain

I also maintain quite a few Go language libraries, for example an Openstack Swift library which is used in rclone but also by many others (eg Docker). See my GitHub for the full list! I'm also the founder of the gpython project an attempt to port Python from C to Go.

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