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Hey! My name is Nji Philemon Ngang and I’m a peacebuilder, digital content creator and life coach. This page is a representation as well as a tool to document the steps I will be taking towards making a living as a digital content creator, life coach and peacebuilder.

Currently, I live in Buea, the capital city of the south-west region of Cameroon, found in the armpit of West Africa and currently, we have been hit by a civil war which is almost four years now. In the past, I have been a student studying physics in the University of Buea, I have volunteered as a social media manager for bakery here and presently I volunteer as a public relations officer and media personnel of a school here in Buea. I am also the founder of an organization here, called imotivate and we seek to promote human mental capacity development, fight against mental health challenges faced by youths and also we promote peace and zero violence in our community. I wanted to also work as a lifeguard in a swimming pool here but I changed my mind when I almost drowned the day I went for the job interview.

My quest for knowledge is (un satisfy able). I will be honest with you that I have learnt how to teach myself as such that has made me learn a lot of things on my journey up to this point. I have never thought of looking for a job. Even when my bank account is zero dollars, I have never considered job hunting one of the things I should do. Not because I don’t love working or having money; the simple reason is that I hate monotony. I hate regular jobs because most of them don’t give room for extra creativity and the creative monster in me will kill me if I stop giving it room to express itself. This has always made me know that getting a job which will be monotonous is like me choosing to kill myself before time.

Living in Cameroon puts me in the face of a world which is slowly evolving, fast depreciating due to war and creates an environment which makes it easy for me to fall into depression due to the constant killing and loss of loved ones. As a brother to one sister, brother to two brothers, friend to many friends, source of inspiration to many people and son to two parents, I am learning the important role communication plays when it comes to the relationship between humans. I am constantly also always learning what it takes to develop a good, mutually respectful, relationship with others. As a peacebuilder, I am always looking for better ways to create peace and unite people and as a coach, I am always looking for better ways to help people get better in life and what they do generally.

Unfortunately, in the past, I have spent a lot of time procrastinating and paying attention to all the wrong things. As someone who loves trying things out and exploring new paths, nothing seems to be wrong with that but a natural consequence of this is that you don’t achieve anything substantial. My analysis made me see that each time I wondered what path it was because I went to look for money to meet up with my bills or the need I had at the time. I have always had the desire to get better at all these things I do and find the community I can serve it to them constantly. I have always wanted to build a community I can add value tom a community that would love the content I create and that will choose to support and keep me accountable to them.
You know what, that’s where you come in. That’s what all this excitement is about!

The goal I have in mind for this

My goal is to share stories, experiences and tips to help you live your best life now. From my experience trying to learn and do the things that I love doing, it is hard to thrive in this present ecosystem due to a lot of external pressure and demands placed on us by our loved ones and society. I want you to know that you can actually live your best life now. I am cant assure you that I have achieved all that I plan to but I am sure that I am far off from where I started. That’s is why I am here. I am here to act as a support for you on this journey called life we are on. I am creating a space for better human connection through essays, motivational videos and life lessons on how to thrive as a human.

About the content I will be producing:

Video Content:

This will basically be brought to you through my YouTube channel. I call this my baby and when you watch my videos you see how honest I am about the message I communicate and the nature of the videos I make. I created this channel some months ago and I am glad about the results I have been able to get so far. I will be producing mainly three kinds of content on the YouTube channel. The first type of content I will be producing will be motivational videos, using my experiences to challenge you and give you the necessary push to live your best life now. The second kind of content I will be creating will be question and answer videos, answering pertinent life’s questions. The last kind of videos I will be producing will be product reviews or book reviews or movie reviews or review of city and towns I travel to. Generally, I will be reviewing stuff that added value to me so that you too can benefit from them. Content on this channel will be geared towards helping you become the best version of yourself.

Big Phil's Blog:

For the past seven years I have been writing online. I started my writing journey on a free blog and later on, as time passed I moved to a self-hosted blog. On the blog, I write about lifestyle and productivity as a human being. About a year ago, I joined medium and started writing there as well. The medium blog was a safe spot. There I could write more sensual and emotional articles because I know that just those with paid subscriptions will have access to read such stories. It was also a safe spot for me because due to some financial reasons I kept losing my content because my blog hosting will expire and I won’t have money to renew it. I have adverts on some pages on the blog. This is such that I can make a small recurring income. So far my blog and my medium blog gives me a combined 5 dollars a month. That is small as you will suggest but I have promised myself this time that I won’t stop or shift my attention from this for nothing else. One benefit you will have as a patron is that you will have access to all my medium stories using the friend link.

Bigphils courses:

I have learnt a lot and I want to share this knowledge with as many people as possible. Doing this incurs some cost and considering the fact that I want to do this as a full time and eventually make a living from it, my video courses won’t be free. The advantage you a patron will have is that you will have a discount on some and free access to some of my premium courses. My courses will be centred on productivity, purposeful living, creativity and how you can make money as an entrepreneur selling your own products. I will even teach you how to identify your products and also teach you how you can sell it to make some money from it.


I will not be able to do all this without the support of my friends and family members. I want to especially thank my mum and dad who believe in me immensely and who will always lend a shoulder I can lie on when things are hard. I also want to thank my dude Tadah Gavin for being an honest friend.
I have wasted time looking for money and felt worthless in the process. I had money come into my hands but it left me almost lifeless. I have decided to do this full time. I know it will be hard these first few months but eventually it will grow. I have come to realize that creating gives me life. Also whenever I share what I’ve learned and I see that light of understanding in another, it brings me immense joy. I’d love to create for the rest of my life and share everything I’ve gleaned from my own life, and the many mentors I’ve had. Your support will go towards making this path I have choose for my life worthwhile. You can count on me to make your investment worth it.
So...are you with me?
$0 of $500 per month
I will rent a cool studio and do more proffesionally made videos. i will pay an editoor to make sure the content we produce on our blog are error and grammer free.
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