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is creating a browser extension for NJPWworld.com

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For just ONE dollar USD make NJPWext even better!

• Dark mode - Enjoy a low contrast theme that's easy on the eyes.   Includes an option for automatic scheduling.

• Up to 3 playlists - Create custom playlists for feuds, tournaments, 5-star matches, whatever! 

• Up to 3 playlist follows - Follow shared playlists to curate the best from NJPWext users.

Power User

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Get the very best NJPW World experience available:

• Dark mode

• Unlimited playlists

• Unlimited playlist follows

• Continue Watching - Recently watched videos displayed so you can easily pick up where you left off.

• Advanced video controls - Customizable forward and back buttons and playback speed controls. 

• Configurable, reserved party codes - No more random party codes.  Your parties use the same invite every time.

• Chat docking - Enjoy the flexibility of docking the chat window to the left or right. A must-have for multiple monitor setups.

• 12 Chat Profiles - Host a viewing party with even more participants.

• No chat throttling - Users are typically limited to 500 characters per message, 5 chats per second during live events, and also see a donation link when joining a party. But not you. You're special.

• Add to calendar - Never miss a live event again. Easily add reminders from the Schedule page.

About NJPWext Danny

Please include your NJPW Membership Number in the shipping address field during checkout.

The NJPWext browser extension greatly improves the usability of NJPWworld.com for users speaking English, 日本語, & español, while also adding typical streaming services features and chat:

  • Improved formatting and translations
  • Improved navigation
  • Hide spoilers
  • Keep track of what you've watched
  • Resume watching videos where you left off
  • Rate, bookmark, and create playlists
  • Synchronized watch parties w/chat
  • Live event chat room
  • Settings synced on all your devices using NJPWext

In addition to the core features above, patrons receive enhanced functionality. Please select the tier that you think will help you make the most of your NJPW World experience. Your patronage is appreciated and helps pay for server and maintenance costs to keep NJPWext ad-free and frequently updated.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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