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About Nnorthbrew

Who Am I?
I'm a huge nerd and I love creating content for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. I like to use nerd culture as an influence on the content I create (as well as off the wall ideas). The three biggest nerdy influences on my work so far have been Magic the Gathering, Diablo, and Marvel Comics. 

My promise.
I'll produce at least one large content book, or book update, per month. Giving you the opportunity to direct the type of content be it a  book about different character options (races, subclasses, feats, spells), variant rules (equipment), or new rule systems (magic items, vehicles, dungeons). Even deciding the influences I choose to pull from with the integrated Discord Server.

What to expect.
The content I create is usually geared towards players. I do my best to keep my content in line with regular 5e game balance, and it's usually on the more powerful end. I'm a strong believer in feedback and open discussions. I've been doing this online for free as a hobby for more than 5 years. 

All of the content I create goes through this process:

Ideas > Research > Outline > Rough Draft > Feedback > Revise > Repeat last two steps

The focus of content releases will rotate monthly until I get feedback requesting otherwise.
- Creatures
- Races
- Subclasses
- Equipment 
- Other Game Mechanics

Release Process.
Once a piece of content hits the Rough Draft phase, I will usually start sharing parts of it with $3 Patrons (Spymasters) and up. This is to start getting some initial feedback.

Then depending on what kind of content it is, first there will be a private playtesting release for $10 Patrons (DM Playtesters). They can take this new content to their home games, or host games on the Discord server for other patrons. This gives another round of feedback and updates.

If it doesn't go to the DM Playtesters first, it gets released on the DM's Guild for public playtest as PWYW (Pay What You Want). There is a suggested price (based on the number of pages), but it's essentially free. This gives another longer but broader round of feedback and updates.

Once I feel like a piece of content has gone through enough testing and the material looks as professional and polished as I can make it (within my means), I will change the price on the DM's Guild. Then it will no longer be free to playtest, but a finished product with a purchase price.

5e Fight Club and Playtesting.
One of the driving forces behind the content I create, is the 5e Fight Club. An open world 5e D&D Discord server, with a focus on PvP and RP (with dedicated players in both parts of the community).

I've helped establish the server, and build the homebrew PvP rules and XP system we use. With a slew of vetted and approved homebrew options, a reincarnation system (based on the one from Dungeons and Dragons Online), and a robust magic item crafting and loot system. There is a never ending grind, where you can make friends and share stories along the way.

On the server, we have a group of players that are dedicated to playtesting material, before it is allowed to be publicly played on the server. For the most part, all of the content I create goes through them at one point or another. At the moment, this is pretty much my biggest and only outlet for testing and feedback.

Join the 5e Fight Club discord server, and apply to be a playtester.

The purpose.
I'm creating this because I have a big project in the works that I would like the bring to Kickstarter, but I need a little seed money before I can get things rolling.

The project revolves around a Creature Supplement that is 3+ years in the making. I have been publicly developing it with groups on Facebook and Reddit, as well as other D&D related forums. The creatures contained are heavily influenced by Slivers from Magic the Gathering. With a lot of other influences to make them into a unique creature for Dungeons and Dragons (including but limited to; Real life Ants and Bees, Bugs from Starship Troopers, Tyranids from WH40K, Zerg from Starcraft). Created by a fan, developed in conjunction with other fans across the internet, for the fans of both D&D and Magic: the Gathering alike.

In addition to the Creature Supplement, I will be creating a series of One-Shot adventures that can be strung together into a campaign.

I'm also developing rules for a "Quick Play/Tournament Style" game. Bringing the game "back to its roots" if you will, with more of a strategic war game feel. That will initially be based on content from the adventures.

The future.
Beyond the "big projects" that I have planned. I also want to improve the quality of the content that I create. The more support the more professional the content will be. Including more detailed "fluff" as well as professional art and maps.

FREE STUFF! (for everyone, not just patrons)
The Shrill Hive - Public Development Document - This is the start of the "big project" mentioned above. With 67 unique creatures to fill your hive and an artifact that ties together part of their origin story. There are 12 new cantrip spells for the creatures and your party to take advantage of. To top it off it's filled with charts and tables to make running a game with these creatures effortless.

Nnorthbrew Content
All of the content I create and publish through either Patreon or the DMsGuild can be found in the #content-links channel on the integrated Discord Server.
$46.16 of $60 per month
When I reach $60 per month,
-- I will start streaming one or more special segments a week on twitch chosen.in a poll on discord. The segment will cover making random and/or viewer generated content with one of the books I have published.

*Saving up for the DIY RV*
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