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About Noah Caldwell-Gervais

Hi! I'm Noah Gervais. For six years now, patrons have made it possible for me to make game critique and travelogue videos on YouTube. Without the generous support of donations large and small from hundreds of people, I never would have been able to pursue creative writing and video production in a professional way. I'd like to thank you for watching my content and want to say, first off, that just watching is enough. I'm doing well enough that it's been a while since a single donation made the difference between paying rent or not. If you've supported me in the past or in the present, thank you, but if you're just donating now consider first if there are other creators who are just getting started who might be better served with the assistance. If you'd still like to support the work, I appreciate it quite a bit and I'll do my best to return your investment with meaningful output.

Here are some things to consider if you're considering donating: 

1) Travel Content Next Arriving 2021
I moved to Bend, Oregon last year to settle down in a semi-permanent way. Travel content is still one of the primary reasons this Patreon exists, however! I'm currently planning an extremely complicated, multi-month trip for August-October 2021, covering the Lincoln Highway, the East Coast Fallout locations, and more like the Nachez Trace Parkway.

2) No, I Won't Shut Up About Politics
I don't run a channel based on political content, but I do run my channel based on what I believe and what I value. Most of what I do is close reading of the text, whether a video game or a movie or whatever, but if I want to go into personal detail and personal conviction when exploring a topic, I'm going to go ahead and do so. I don't feel like this channel has a point if I don't say what I mean. If that's bad news in your book, don't donate!

3) Don't Donate if It's Not Easy
There's a lot of people already contributing to this channel, it's already at the point where I'm able to live comfortably and expand the scope of the channel. If you need money for you, keep it! But if you're a Real Adult Professional and want to help out a creator you enjoy, I'll do my best to make something interesting with it.

4) Refunds Are Available Any Time For Any Reason
Sometimes I have to make decisions of whether to delay content further or publish with some technical shortcomings to make the content available.I'm open to people being frustrated with these calls, and if a video doesn't live up to your standards I'll refund you the money you spent on its production. Similarly if you feel I've offended or insulted you, I'll always at the very least give you your money back.

Patreon and the incredible community of support I've received from viewers has transformed my life completely, bringing me all the way from rank amateur to novice professional. I've had a haphazard time of it, I've been wingin' it pretty hard, but I'm continuing to challenge myself and produce both new content and new sorts of content.

So a huge thanks to everyone who watches my videos-- whether you donate or not! But a special thanks for the folks who help me pay my bills. You're helping me live a life I've been trying to stumble into for a decade or more.

$1,600 - reached! per month
At this level of funding, I will have the available income to produce short and long form travel content oriented around backroads America, involving my '73 VW Camper
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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