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Welcome everyone! :)

Thank you for visiting my page and for you support of my music, art, and other creations.

This page is dedicated to supporting the ongoing process of creation
Every work has a story, some works are a process of years of experimentation, travel, failures, and the gradual development of an idea.  A platform like this helps this to be possible, to collaborate with other artists, spend time in other areas, perform my works, speak at conferences, attend artist residencies, study with other experts.  To see some of my existing work please visit

Current Projects:
1. A Book / Album project "Detrás del Horizonte" with Tania Marquez Aragon and Patricio Hidalgo (Chuchumbé, AfroJarocho) in Veracruz.  This book deals with the roots of the fandango and the period of time which we live where the fandango is leaving its homeland.  How do we respect tradition in an ever changing and moving world?  What does it mean for a "traditional" music which is becoming globalized?  Music from the European and American tradition has became "standard" in terms of tuning, instrumentation, and style -- we are starting to move on from this perception.
2. Compositions in progress for the 1/3 tone (or 18-tone) piano on Sonido 13, particularly works for the pianos and string orchestra, planned to be performed in San Luis Potosí in 2021 or 2022.

Projects for the near future:
1. Create a microtonal requinto - a stringed melody instrument.  The plan is to tune it dividing the perfect 5th, possibly in 8, 9, or 10 equal parts.

2. Attend a residency in Saint-Louis, Senegal to study the Griot tradition, including string instruments, percussion, and singing.  This project will be in collaboration with Tania Marquez and will include poetry and photography as well.

Thank you so much for you support, and please visit anytime to hear past projects for free <3

There is a conception of music that focuses on the infinitude of microcosm, a view on optimization that believes in the beauty of imperfect parts. Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem shows the limitations of formal systems; this music shows the inter-relation between formal systems and their physical impossibilities.

38% complete
Once I reach this goal, I will begin to create a new microtonal instrument (requinto, piano, keyboard)
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