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Welcome everyone! :)

Thank you for visiting my page and for you support of my music and creations.

This page is dedicated to supporting the ongoing process of the creation of music
This is a place to hear new music from me first with the opportunity to engage with the work.  If you would like to hear some of my past releases, please visit

Current Projects:
1. A Book / Album project "Detrás del Horizonte" with Tania Marquez Aragon and Patricio Hidalgo (Chuchumbé, AfroJarocho) in Veracruz
2. Los Dos Con Té microtonal/polytonal country/folk duo with Tristan Milne from Vancouver.
3. Experimental microtonal hiphop project: Noah Nabora in collaboration with Liliana Rodriguez Alvarado from Torreón.
4. Series of compositions for multiple pianos, especially the collection of Sonido 13 in San Luis Potosí
5. An ongoing collaboration with Jesse Maw (composer) and the realization of his microtonal works on piano

Events in the near future:
Nothing, coronavirus

Future goals that you will be help achieving:
1. Studying piano restoration with Andrew Wedman and creating a timbrally consistent microtonal piano (like in 16 or 19 tones per octave).  And eventually to create a custom key layout compatible with the acoustic piano.
2. Attending exhibitions and showcases of my work (I have missed exhibitions in Paris and Tel Aviv so far, and soon to miss another)
3. The creations of more retuned and repurposed instruments including a Just Intonation Piano, and a 16-tone Rhodes, and recordings and projects of these
4. The ability to showcase my work and ideas at festivals and conferences in places which do not have the budget to bring foreign musicians or speakers.
5. The ability to sustain myself abroad through music creation, with the additional support of grant funding. This would mean that I could learn, write, share, and teach music in a developing country with my resources only going towards the community there.
6. Creating a 17-tone double piano (two pianos which are tuned together to be play the full 17-tone set) -- and future developments of this idea

Projects that this has helped support include:
- Studying Son Jarocho in Xalapa & Coatepec and attending the 7o Encuentro de Son Jarocho in DF.
- Visiting the Chopi musicians in Zavala, Mozambique
- Attending miCROfest in Zagreb
- The creation of the album Bad Canada - the Great Northern
- NES Artist Residency in Skagaströnd, Iceland where works were created in collaboration with Maryse Andraos (Je ne serai pas sauvée), Hadar Mitz, Meir Rakocz, and Gala Gonzales (to be premiered)
- a collaboration between 17-tone Rhodes and Tenor Saxophone with myself and Dominic Conway (Formality vs Realty)

Thank you so much for you support, and please visit anytime to hear past projects for free <3

There is a conception of music that focuses on the infinitude of microcosm, a view on optimization that believes in the beauty of imperfect parts. Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem shows the limitations of formal systems; this music shows the inter-relation between formal systems and their physical impossibilities.

37% complete
Once I reach this goal, I will start to create a microtonal piano (or a set of two to be played together)
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