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For the lowest tier, you'll be allowed to send in questions about almost anything at all! I'll answer them monthly during an update video, which I'll release on my youtube page. 

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As well as being able to send in questions monthly for me to answer, I'll release concept art that won't be seen by anyone else. Be it character designs or background art, I'll upload at least one monthly so you get a sneak peek at what goes one behind the scenes!

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On top of having access to concept art and monthly Q&A, I'll hold a bimonthly podcast talking about the creative process and techniques that I utilize while making the manga, just in case you ever decide to pick up your pen for your own manga!




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About Nobukei

Hi! My name is Nobukei, and I'm an everyday person who enjoys manga and anime just like you. I'm going to be making 「あの日の花火」or, "The fireworks we saw that day", a romance manga which I've been conceptualizing for almost 2 years now. 

The entire project will be funded from my own pocket, from the Copics, Copic Sketch paper to everything else. I want to produce a quality work that will wow others, all for the low low price of nothing! I plan on releasing the entire series on Pixiv, so that you can enjoy it and share it with your friends at no cost. 

For this very reason, I'm opening this Patreon account so that in the case that you'd like to support my completion of this project, you can! The money will be used to secure art supplies and just make sure I don't die of poverty while I focus my energy on making this manga come to life. 

The general idea is to release the entire manga by 2021, in both English and Japanese, as well as a black and white or full color version. While I'd like to release the color version for free, do understand that it takes a huge amount of time and effort, and as such, I am limiting it to a hardcopy release. I plan on printing and sending it out to my biggest supporters, as thanks for helping me achieve my dreams.