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About North of Center

Like many cities across the U.S., Lexington, Kentucky has seen a decline in the amount and quality of its local news coverage. Cash-strapped, understaffed local newsrooms must make difficult choices about which events receive coverage, and which perspectives are reflected—and which aren't. North of Center aims to fill the gaps left open by struggling mainstream publications with insightful reporting and analysis of local and regional issues, written from a decidedly non-mainstream point of view.

We founded North of Center in 2009 as a twice-monthly, print-only newspaper distributed throughout Fayette County, Kentucky, and we continued in that format until 2013. During that period we provided extensive coverage of civic issues including downtown development, public transportation, gentrification and affordable housing, immigration, sports and recreation, and much more, as well as reviews of film, music, literature, and the visual arts.

Economic and personal circumstances led us to shutter the original print publication, but in summer of 2019, as other local news outlets continued to decline in range and influence, we decided that it was time to being North of Center back. We now seek to publish between two and four articles weekly, on our updated and streamlined web site, that address the most pressing issues affecting Lexington residents. We speak truth to power, and we aren't afraid to ruffle feathers. And with your support, we remain financially beholden to no one.

If you appreciate the sort of coverage we provide, and recognize the need for alternative perspectives in tackling local issues, please consider a donation to this Patreon account.
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