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About nodu

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Hey there, I'm a 3D artist and animator that utilizes Blender to produce animated erotic content involving cute girls from video games to sometimes other mediums. My work specializes in POV (but not exclusively) and very intimate experiences, sometimes exploring more diverse routes but still carrying that essence.

Patreon and You

My content will always be free for everyone to watch, however your support nets you a few humble bonuses as well as helps me produce more animations. There are a few optional tiers for those looking to show further support!

Where Your Support Goes

  • 3D Rendering   I pay for a monthly service to render my animations, which allows me to use my computer to make further progress on other projects while things render.
  • Voice Acting   I would like to further support talented actors and actresses to provide more voice and general audio for my content, including spoken dialogue for those special projects.
  • Longer Animations   It takes a lot of time out of my day to produce animated content, and plugging other needs will help me look into longer projects and voice talent to fit them!


When do you release animations?
  For shorter loops I usually try to aim within a month unless complications arise, longer projects vary due to tuning, render times, sound, etc. Admittedly my workflow isn't very fast and I often miss my own personal deadlines, but I spend a great amount of time polishing to ensure everything is good as can be. Render results are sometimes also trial and error.

How do you decide what character you're going to use?
  It's extremely difficult to decide but there's always a lot of ideas in my head, nothing is ever concrete though. Sometimes I'll do a  personal thing and sometimes I'll follow audience demand.

Do you take commissions?
Not at the moment, however I'm trying them out with a few friends of mine so wait on further announcements for that!

Will you produce animations for VR/higher resolution?
  VR is cool but I feel it's rather expensive for a proper headset, haven't tried the phone alternatives so I can't comment on it. VR would probably take my POV work beyond but I don't think there's really enough demand to justify the investment. Higher resolution animations also take longer to render and I don't really see a lot of demand in that either.

I have a cool animation idea, can I share it?
Drop by my Twitter DMs or my Discord server, I can never guarantee I'll ever do them but I'm always willing to hear out ideas!

Do you release the models you use?
  Nope - there's a lot of personal reasoning for it but I'll just leave it at that.
100% complete
Voice talent is now an easier option to consider whenever doable!
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