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Access to my PATREON FEED which will grant you Photo shoot updates, first looks at photos and what's to come, BTS photos, Censored Previews and much more!

  • Patreon Only Feed - First looks at never before seen shots
  • Sneak peaks + Censored Photos from sets that are featured in higher tier
  • A friendly "welcome" photo post when you sign up! 😊


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reward item
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This tier lets you see FULL SFW photo sets! As well as 4 Lewd Photos per month added to a folder!

  • All Previous Rewards if not mentioned here
  • Exclusive access to SFW photo SETS  
  • 4 Nude Selfies per month
  • A friendly "welcome" photo post when you sign up! 😊
  • BTS Content, Previews of higher tiers and first looks and more!


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The Snapchat and Selfies tier gets you access to my private snapchat and all my selfies! (shocker), DB  folder in case you missed any, welcome post, and more!
  • Exclusive access to my Private Snapchat  where I post mini photo sets (3-7 photos,videos,  behind the scene photos/videos and more!
  • Dropbox folder to all my lewd snapchats and sexy selfies from the month! 🌟 450+ Photos!!
  • A friendly "welcome" photo post when you sign up! 😊
  • Occasional photo shoot previews!


Modelling is my way to express my creative and sensual side.  
I started my Patreon so I could connect even more with those who enjoy my work, as well as put more into the work I put out there. 

Why become my Patron?
 Every dollar that you contribute to my Patreon goes back into creating kick-ass content for you! I'm always looking into outfits for photo shoots and camera stuff to enhance my self-portraits! I am truly passionate about this and I only want to create quality content for you. 

In no particular order, here is what you have to look forward to if you become a Patron! 

Exclusive access to BOUDOIR SETS

Sexy Shoutout!
Thank you message!
Sneak peek at what higher tiers have to offer!
Entire Patreon feed!
Exclusive access to NUDE SETS!
Private Lens!
BTS at shoots!
Access to all previous Selfies!

Lewd and Crude, self-explanatory 😉 The Tiers that offer this perk gets you into my Priviate Nude Lens story, as well as access to a Dropbox link with all preview Lens photos and more!

Photo Sets
Exclusive access to  Boudoir,  Artsy, Nude, and Clothed? (I use that term very loosely)  full sets that are exclusive to Patreon! If you come across a photo that you like on my IG or Facebook page, you can get access to the full set by becoming a Patreon!

I have an undying appreciation for every single one of my Patrons, you guys amaze me with your generosity and I just want to let you know that  if you decide to pledge, your hard earned money will not go to waste 😊

1. Sharing of any links or downloads and photos acquired through my Patreon is forbidden and will result in you being banned. 
2. All sales are final. 
3. Be kind.

55% complete
Thank you so much for helping me reach my last goal! I'm so grateful for you ?
In the new year, a goal of mine is to shoot more cosplay ?
I would love to buy some cosplay outfits as well as some sexy latex outfits as well ?
Again, every dollar and ever follow is so appreciated and I'm so thankful for all of you!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 501 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 501 exclusive posts

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