Brianne Benness

is creating No End In Sight to share stories about life with chronic illness

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Chronic illness can be lonely.

When I first started to get sick, it was really hard for me to find stories about navigating life with an undiagnosed chronic illness. I didn't know how to describe my symptoms to my doctor or how to explain my situation to my friends or what to tell my boss about my declining performance. And I didn't know how many people were out there trying to navigate these exact same problems.

That's why I talk to a new person who is living with chronic illness in each episode of No End In Sight. We talk about early health, experiences with doctors, symptoms and test results, diagnoses, relationships, employment, and more. Each episode is a little bit different because each story is different.

Why Patreon?

I released a transcript alongside each of the first 25 episodes to make sure that these stories are accessible and searchable. But I haven't been able to keep up with weekly transcripts and so I need to outsource.

The transcribing software that I use right now costs 10 cents/minute and requires heavy editing (this is where I'm falling behind). A full episode transcript will cost $1/minute, which works out to an average of $75/episode. So to begin with, any money collected here on Patreon will be spent on transcripts so that the show can stay accessible.
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