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Hello! I'm Kaile Hultner and this is No Escape, a video game criticism blog that focuses on the intersection between games and politics.

If you've ever heard or agreed with the phrase, "video games are art," then you have probably thought to yourself at least once, "then video games must also be political, right?" From the conditions of their production to the stories they tell - and don't tell - to the themes they display, video games engage with the world in expressly political ways. No Escape's position is that we must engage with games on an equal footing and that there is no room to pretend that games don't have an effect on the way the players view the world, and vice versa.

Video games are wonderful and terrible, they shoot for the stars and sometimes miss wildly, and they deserve more consideration than whether or not they are good enough for consumption. No Escape tries to talk about games from the perspective that video games are worth more, and are accountable for more, than discussions over whether they're a good consumer product or not.

Current Long-Term Projects: 
  1. Thomas Malthus' Video Game Industry Simulator 2020
  2. No Escape Book Club
  3. Down at the Arcade
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