The No-Guilt Fangirl

is creating a Podcast

About The No-Guilt Fangirl

Hey, y'all- it's Patty Holliday, your head fangirl in charge. I've been obsessing about TV and movies my whole life and needed to find a community to talk about it! I started this podcast at the encouragement of my friend Jane and had no idea how much joy I'd find in here. It's been a blast letting the slightly geeky and fanatic fans find their voice without judgment. That's important to me and I hope fellow fangirls (and fanboys!) find their way to the community.

If I've helped you:
  • learn something about the latest Netflix show
  • or the Disney Parks 
  • or discover if a movie is kid-friendly 
  • or helped you decide if something was a must watch or a big ol' Nah
  • or maybe you just laughed a little
I'd appreciate it if you could join in the work by supporting the podcast. Your pledges will help support the day to day operations, enable me to improve the equipment, and help me to continue to grow the fandoms that must be talked about! You can also make a one-time donation here. Thanks so much for your support and making The No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast possible.

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