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for pledging $1 or more you will get your username or alias at the end of our videos with the credits! We want it to be known that you are the ones that keep us going!
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Hey Thanks! We appreciate you!

For tier 2 you will get:

-All of the previous rewards

-Access to exclusive behind the scenes / Blooper videos!

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Holy wow! Thanks!

This teir will get you:

-All Previous rewards

-a quarterly email update on whats going on with the noidea crew and what plans we have in mind!




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About NoIdeaInk

Hello, and welcome to our Patreon!!
We are NoIdeaInk! We are a cosplay group from the Pacific North West! We make cosplay music videos, tutorials, vlogs and lots of other videos that capture our shenanigans! We love all the support we have been receiving we wanted to do something where we can give back to those who support us!
Thank you all for being such inspirations to us here at noideaink! you are the reason we do what we do!
Banner/Cover Done by the AMAZING MissKaylawn (tumblr/twitter)!
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When we reach 100 patrons we will be able to create videos more frequently without as much delay that we usually face! We will be able to upload more than once a month with quality content!
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