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is creating field recordings and a sound map of Iceland

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About Noise From Iceland

We are working on a film documenting the project "Niður / noise / noise - Noise From Iceland” - a sound map of Iceland.

Niður / noise / szum is an art project that poses the question "What does Iceland sound like?”. Its author, Kaśka Paluch, has been collecting field recordings from all over the island since January 2020, creating the first in history sound map of Iceland.

In the film "Noise - the sounds of Iceland" I document the work on the project of Kaśka Paluch, a musicologist dealing with field recordings in Iceland. She started her work at the beginning of last year. This coincided with the global lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, leaving Iceland deserted almost overnight. It allowed to collect the sounds of nature undisturbed by human activity. At the same time, the recordings, as well as the photos documenting the project, showing this void, can be moving.

Kaśka records the sounds of Iceland - geysers, waterfalls, volcanoes and glaciers. In search of an answer to the question "What does Iceland sound like?" talks to the islanders about their emotional relationship with nature, with their favorite Iceland sounds.

The project was enthusiastically received all over the world: for some it was an opportunity for a "sensual" trip around Iceland, for others a chance to return to the sound of the island before the tourist boom.

Thanks to the support of the Patrons, the project and the film we are working on together would have a chance to develop and reach a larger audience. We dream of releasing an album with the sounds of Iceland and presenting the film at festivals, shows and travel lectures. Last year, we talked about our work, among others at the Nordic Talking Festival, Travenalia and Travelers Kaleidoscope.

We are at the final stage of completing professional video and sound recording equipment. And because the Icelandic weather is not easy, we have to maintain the equipment that we used so far. In addition, there are fixed expenses for traveling in Iceland (gasoline, accommodation) and the costs of subscribing to the software, thanks to which we can legally and professionally edit our film and sound.

About us:

My name is Magdalena Łukasiak, friends call me- Lu. I am a photographer and journalist, my photos have been presented in the press and at photo exhibitions in Poland and abroad, I have worked on television for many years. I have successfully completed a crowfunding campaign, thanks to which I went on a month-long bike trip through Iceland, documenting landscapes and stories about Icelandic mythology (Elven trail through Iceland). After the trip, I decided to live on the island.

My name is Kaśka Paluch. I am a guide, journalist, graduate of musicology at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. I also collaborated with many media dealing with culture and tourism. I am working on creating the first sound map of Iceland.

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