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About Bluepencil

Who are you?
Hi there, I'm Bluepencil. I write things, and draw sometimes. You may know me elsewhere as CharlesBhepin.

What are you doing?
Various things. At present however, I am focusing on these web fiction productions. They are each different experiments in storytelling formats, which I may use for more stories later. 

I have two main focuses right now:
Noli Me Tank in a Mall, humor alt history 
MerStory, experimental web comic

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  • MerStory is a charming little illustrated web serial, sort of a cross between Robinson Crusoe and The Little Mermaid. It is listed in  the Web Fiction Guide. Book One is also now complete.  
  • Updates Mondays (on NewTribeZ)

  • Noli Me Tank in a Mall is my fun little thought experiment which I hope to eventually compile into a novel. This is my main focus.

    Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo are important cultural works that ignited the Philippine Revolution against Spain. They are novels that exposed to the populace the abuses and the injustices of their Spanish colonial rulers, the hypocrisy of their priests, and inherent cruelty of their class structure over the powerless masses.

    Unfortunately, they rose up in the middle of the Spanish-American War, one which saw Spain lose most of their overseas colonies and decisively end as a World Power. The war ended in the 1898 Treaty of Paris, in which Spain also sold the Philippines to the USA for the sum of twenty million dollars. The revolutionary government was then crushed by the overwhelming military might of the United States and the Philippines turned into a territory. While the Philippines stands as the USA's greatest successes in nation-building, the early occupation left almost one-fifth of the population dead from combat and disease. 

    Rizal was executed by the Spanish long before knowing what might happen to his country. The world created within The Noli and the El Fili are therefore stuck frozen in time, forever caught in that moment before a Revolution.

    Now let's see what happens in this world if we give it the Light Novel treatment and jam the entirety of the Internet into its protagonist's skull and watch him try to fix things with his unfortunate tendency to sound like a supervillain.


  • Let's Play Planetbase is my unique take on the screenshot-based Let's Play system. It can be likened to viewing a video Let's Play... but in text form, somehow? How is this possible?! Click here (dark) or here (light) to see. If this method works out, it could be used for all sorts of reaction narratives.
  • Reader reviews:
    • "This is one of the most depressing planetbases I have ever seen."
    • "Dang, yeah...this has pretty much become a good horror/thriller movie."
  • Status: INACTIVE due to hard drive loss and eerie bad luck when posting the thing.

See more of my other works at
  • Certain other fan works as the ideas arrive, mostly to be found at the SpaceBattles or SufficientVelocity forums. 
  • I am also available for art commissions here.

Why are you on Patreon?
For power. Electric power, to be precise. Where I live, power interruptions are almost daily. Whatever help that can be given to transition slowly into sustainable power sources, I'll gladly take it! Everything goes into the solar power fund.

Seriously, every little bit helps. It is a tremendous pain in the ass, but power monopolies aren't something you have a choice in, yes?  

Why are you asking for monthly patronage?
I'm updating lots of stuff, so it's impractical to charge per post.

When do things update?
Most works update biweekly. However, sometimes donation bonuses mean extra releases during the week. Direct donations or commissions can be done through Paypal to [email protected]
$50.02 of $60 per month
This will help ease scheduling issues.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 38 exclusive posts

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