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About Nomad Studio Productions

My name is Jeremy Francis Bell, I'm a man of many passions -
Artist, craftsman, actor, filmmaker.. and I'm on mission to combine my passions. 

I found the perfect combination of my love for art, storytelling, visual imagery, music/sound, came together with the medium of film. Writing & directing has always been a great interest to me, I've been making shorts and music videos for years. In 2015, I began a Youtube channel series called  The Nomad Studio Project. Since, I've expanded the scope and plan to create a living breathing mobile film production company. Thus Nomad Studio Productions was born! 

I want to create. I want to make a contribution. To produce and deliver value to you in the form of great content and experience.
Creating art & film is complex, time and labor-intensive. To date, all of my endeavors have been paid out of pocket (with occasional help from patrons) and much of the time I have given for away for free. I work to support myself, and put what's left into my projects. I'd love to get to a place where I live to work, rather than working to live. 

Phase 1: [In process]  Make art & videos A few years ago, with the ever rising costs of living and studios in Brooklyn I was brainstorming ways to create a sustainable studio situation. Inspired by the tiny house movement and creative mobile living culture, I came up with the idea for "The Nomad Studio Project" - a functional mobile studio made from a retrofit VW van. Knowing it would take time to get the van project going, I kept doing what I could do at the time - made art where and when I could, and made videos!

Phase 2: [NOW]
Purchase and retrofit a classic VW van into....a 'mobile studio'.
Now entering Phase 2, the process of the getting the "studio" underway. This involves procuring the proper vehicle, and converting it into a suitable and versitile mobile creativity machine! The mobile studio is at the heart of this endeavor, it's so important to get it right, and having the capital to get to where I need to be is the key. I would love to make it as Green as possible, incorporating rechargable electric and solar energy.

Phase 3: Operational mobile studio!
With several film projects currently in the writing and development stage - including several short films and an epic feature film - I intend to begin porduction them once the studio is operational and funding is secured. Using innovative and simplified, scaled-down equipment and techniques, Nomad Studio will be a compact self-sustaining mobile art and film unit able to go to any location, and shoot a production. 

Building and outfitting the mobile studio. Tools, equipment, shop and storage.
Creating new content - making more vlogs/episodic videos for my Youtube Channel.
Developing, and implementing my larger film projects

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Subscribe to Nomad Studio Productions on Youtube and enjoy some videos. You can watch the introduction to this project right at the top of this page.

Follow us on Facebook or Instagram -  It would be fantastic to hear your feedback in the comments on any of these platforms.  

Join us in the journey!

Very Best Wishes, 

$0 of $10 per null
Lights, camera, action! 
Once we have the studio made and functional,
let the filming commence!
I have several short films, and a feature in progress. These will need to be cast, hire crew, secure locations, not to mention arranging for music and editing - many steps in the process of making a film! Filmmaking is expensive, it's the nature of the beast. However, it doesn't have to be. With innovations in tech these days, so much can be accomplished with very minimal equipment, and crew. However - people don't work for peanuts (most of the time) and asking talented actors and crew to work to be paid with lunch is rather, well, degrading.
SO we need to pay these talented folk! 
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