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About No More Dysphoria

No More Dysphoria is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization. Our primary mission is to help transgender, gender non conforming, and non binary individuals pay for different aspects of their transitions. This includes but is not limited to, HRT, gender therapy, gender reassignment surgery, reconstructive surgery, binders, packers, name change petitions, gender affirming clothing, etc. Transitions come in all different colors, and looks different for everybody. Whatever means you decide to transition, we will be there to help! 

Since beginning our journey in 2017, we have already donated to so many people. Our primary source of funding comes from selling various merchandise items at local and touring music events. We have worked closely with a handful of organizations, bands, and artists such as The Alternative, La Dispute, Foxing, Kississippi, Petal, and so many more to raise money, awareness, and evoke visibility for the trans community.  

So far in the year 2019, we have donated about $5,000 to various different individuals. Our goal some day is to fund an entire transitional surgery for someone in full.

We are constantly looking for assistance for raising funds so we can continue our mission to help people feel comfortable in their own skin. "Dysphoria," in relation to gender, is usually defined as a state of discomfort or distress due to one's gender or physical sex. This often leads a person to depression and puts them at risk to cause harm to themselves or others. With your help, together we can assure the trans community they are not alone.

If you cannot afford to become a patron but would still like to donate, you may do so at:

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