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-A special role on Discord and access to our Patrons-only channel
-A credit in a title card at the end of every regular video
-Access to the full, uncut archives of all my live streams
-Bucko-level access to the Non-Compete Patron Premium Content Commune page at

You will also get 24 hour early access to every new chapter of my speculative fiction The Newcomer and many of my videos!

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-An even MORE special role on Discord and access to our Sponsors-only channel
-Opportunity to send shout-outs and questions for my weekly live stream (limit 140 characters, and it's okay if you want to plug your YouTube channel, website, or other projects, as long as they're not capitalistically exploitative or otherwise not-leftist-friendly)
-Access to sponsors-only videos I make from time to time, including behind-the-scenes videos and other vloggy stuff
-Sponsor-level access to the Non-Compete Patron Premium Content Commune page at 

I'll list you in a Sponsors reward card on every video and give shout-outs (just let me know if you're NOT okay with that) along with some other monthly perks!

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-THE MOST SPECIAL-EST role on Discord and access to our Brain Trustees-only channel
-Opportunity to do call-ins (audio-only or video) into the weekly live streams, or send in pre-recorded messages (get in touch with me here or via email or Discord to discuss the details). Plugging stuff is fine as long as it's leftist-friendly.
-Access to many of my scripts, rough cuts, and other creative-process.

-A credit on the Brain Trustees card of every video. I'll list your Twitter Handle, Mastodon Username, or YouTube channel as well, if you'd like, on the title card.
-Brain Trustee-level access to the Non-Compete Patron Premium Content Commune page at 

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About Non-Compete

Hello, and welcome to the Non-Compete Patreon! I create videos, write blogs, and make puppets with leftist themes including anarchism, communism, anti-capitalism, feminism, intersectional liberation, and lots of other fun stuff like that.

Creating this content takes a significant amount of time, and it costs money to buy things like cameras and puppet supplies and editing software, so if you enjoy my content and you have some surplus funds to spare, I hope you'll consider donating here.

One thing I want you to know is that I value the support of every member of my community whether you contribute financially or not. I know that many of my viewers work hard for very little money. As such, while I will be giving early access and other perks to patrons here, my primary output will always eventually become available for free to the public at large.

If you want to see more of what I do you can check out my website and/or my YouTube channel.

You can also find me on social media:
$400 – reached! per month
Another patron puppet! I was really pleased with how Super Jump Woman turned out so I think we might start doing new puppets as Patreon goals as kind of a regular thing. :)

When we hit $400 I will make a new puppet as chosen by you, the patrons of Non-Compete! Round 1 of the selection process will be an open submission process, then Round 2 will be a Borda Count vote on which one to go with! I'll use the puppet in at least one video and probably a lot more. :D
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