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The opening spiel

Hello, I'm Nonesuch, creative writer and inveterate tongue biter.

You probably know me through my work for Fenoxo's fantasy smut games Corruption of Champions and Trials in Tainted Space, although I've created content for other text games such as Seeds of Chaos. Within TiTS alone, I am responsible for Sera the dommy demon mistress/subby demon pet, the Bothrioc, the Breedwell Centre, and innumerable quest lines such as the Mheng'an Plantation Crisis and the showdown with Hand So, the rogue A.I. Although I have my particular likes and dislikes, I'm very flexible in terms of what I'm willing to do, so long as it's legal and everyone has fun. I've created male characters, females, subs, doms, and absolutely everything in-between over the last few years.

Almost none of these things would have come into being had I not been paid to do them. I have a passion for this work, I love creating sexy scenarios and characters for all types of readers to enjoy, but it's being funded by equally passionate and thirsty commissioners that has enabled me to focus on it and produce the wealth of content that I have. If you like the stuff I do, please consider commissioning me and/or throwing a couple of dollars a month at me so I can keep on doing it. Honestly, beyond little bits and pieces here and there none of this would happen without kind readers such as yourselves.

The deal

Firstly I should say that if you're interested in funding a specific project, then email/DM/PM me through the usual channels and commission it. Generally my going rate is 18$ per 1000 words. For now this Patreon is really just a way of tipping me, as well as a way of getting to look at neat stuff you otherwise couldn't.

I've put some rewards into the three tiers that I hope will tickle people's fancy. For 2$ a month, you get access to my entire archive of smut writing, and get to see whatever I'm working on right now being put together in real time. For 6$ a month, you gain access to never-before seen material - things I've worked on in my spare time, often stray bad ends and such, that I haven't managed to fit into any game for one reason or another. Finally, for 15$ a month, you will gain access to a vote determining what I direct any spare time towards during the month. Spur on your favourite project!

Thank you for reading, and regardless of whether you support me or not, I do hope you enjoy the stuff I do.

$200 of $200 per month
If I reach this, I'll create a Patron-only short story, the content of which will be votable through the 15 dollar tier. After going public for a few days, it'll be accessible through the 6 dollar archive.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 51 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 51 exclusive posts

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