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About Nonna Roy

MANGIA!!! im your nonna roy nonna roy, aka roy! im a virginia-based podcaster, artist, bnuuy, lesbian, and all-around content creator. most relevantly you probably know me from my podcast NONNA ROY’S NIGHTMARINARA, where every other week a guest and i read creepypasta. its fun! i do streams of similar shit on the weekends i dont release episodes. i also appear on podcasting is forbidden in the cloud recesses (about chinese web media property mo dao zu shi, cohosted by my fiancé fallon), henry kissinger is pokemon going to die, and whatever other podcasts will have me on as a guest. ALSO also i am an artist, a writer, the commissioner of a pokemon league, and the curator, creator, and manager of the pgot name of the season brackets. God damn,

the list of shit i do is basically endless and foolish as it may be i have a ton of other things i want to at least try in the future. donating to my patreon here will help me continue to evolve into my ultimate form of “content mill.” i hold 0 delusions that im ever going to be able to be an internet content guy for a living but firstable “a bitch can dream” second i am constantly broke and can use all the help i can get and third people (generally) enjoy it when i “do shit” so here i am. while this patreon is anchored around nonna roys nightmarinara and related content it is something of a refinery for General Roy Content so even if you arent into creepypasta but just want more roy then buddy this is the place for you

the point is i like to make content and people seem to like it when i make content so Why Da Fuck Not.

semper scary!
$60.59 of $150 per month
i will begin an SCP PODCAST.
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