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About Nonnative Creative

Nonnative Creative is an interview series with people engaged in creative work across borders. The project aims to educate, inspire, and connect our global community through the stories of interesting individuals from many different walks of life. By supporting the project on Patreon, you'll help cover the costs of making the project a reality (this means staff costs, space rental, travel, equipment, and editing/other production tasks). Your help will allow the project to continue! Become a member and join the Nonnative Creative community to support a better connected global network!

Stage 1. Production Costs
The first goal is to cover the costs of producing the video and audio interviews. Each episode requires hours of work; from finding guests to setting up an interview location to editing and sharing the audio/video footage. The biggest costs are:
Staff (camera team, audio recording, video/audio editing)
Space (renting locations to record interviews)
Travel (when production is not based in Tokyo)

Stage 2. Equipment Upgrades
Once production costs are covered, the next goal is to make the experience better for viewers and listeners by purchasing more/better cameras, microphones, and lighting to ensure stories are compelling and easy to see/hear.

Stage 3. Scholarship
The ultimate goal for monetary support of the Nonnative Creative project is to provide financial aid to young people who want to explore their creativity in another country. Once the costs of production are covered and the equipment used to create the series is satisfactory, additional funding will be dedicated to creating scholarships for young people who would like to learn abroad.
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