Rebecca Cordingley is creating Ooblets, a game about creatures and farming

Ooblets Super Friend!

$1 /mo
You'll get:

  • Email updates from me
  • Early access to devlogs, videos, and other info
  • Behind-the-scenes stuff

Even Superer Friend!

$5 /mo
Share in our insecurities and flaws as we give you a deeper glimpse into our game design and thought processes

Unlocks access to:

  • All the stuff from the Supe...

Cat Weirdo

$10 /mo
There's no reason to pick this tier unless you want exclusive pictures of our cats.

Unlocks access to:

  • Pictures of our cats
  • Everything in the previous tiers
  • That's it.

Special Thanks

$20 /mo
You'll get all the stuff from the previous tiers (including the cat pictures) and you'll also be thanked as a supporter in the Ooblets credits if that's what you're into!

We get it, you're insane

$100 /mo
Just think of all the candy you could buy for $100/m!

I can't really offer anything specific for this tier, but I'll try to get you some merch as we produce it!