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Dreaming (up nonsense)
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Explaining the latest blog posts: what or who triggered the idea, why it matters and why I see both nonsense and sense in the same idea; plus a PDF of The Nonsense Manifesto; plus a PDF of Don’t Ever Say Never (which will help you benefit from the power of your historic nonsense).

Sharpening (my thinking)
per month

Longer articles, draft book chapters, webinars and presentations in PDF, and other concepts (at least 2 items per month) plus all the nonsense from "Dreaming."

Experimenting (with on-line courses)
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Draft concepts, outlines, modules, webinars, lesson videos, self-work ('homework'), related ebook sections, whatever it takes to build a pilot on-line course. First course being developed: working title "Capitalizing on the Nonsense at Work." 

Plus completed ebooks related to the courses and/or other completed ebooks (such as Crossing Your Nonsense Divide: Steps to finding your path to a successful life (see it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble)) plus all the nonsense from "Sharpening."




Here's my Patron Pledge to you:

I will help you
(a) be more effective at work
(b) enjoy your work more
and so (c) increase your prospects for promotion.

How will I do this?

By teaching you how to make the nonsense at work work for you
instead of letting it work against you.

Backgound to my Patron Pledge

Let me explain why I can make this pledge with confidence.

For years now I have been sharing my nonsense at work ideas via blogs, podcasts, newsletters, articles and even via select regional radio stations (on air somewhere to this day, since 2006).

But why nonsense at work? What triggered it?

On the first day of my first formal job after my first formal degree my first formal boss resigned. The man who picked me as being worthy, who promised me riches in exchange for my productive loyalty, walked out the day I walked in.

Unlike most corporate ladders, the one I stood on had only two rungs. And the rung above me was suddenly empty.

No, this wasn’t an opportunity. It was a calamity. Back then I knew the minimum about management and even less about leadership, but I did know that I needed a boss to tell me what to do how by when.

From that day onwards I treated organizational life with a great deal of suspicion, expecting nonsense in every cubicle, corner office and boardroom. I have not been disappointed.

Why I make my Patron Pledge with confidence

It all began long, long ago (in the late 1970s). That’s when I first became aware of nonsense at work. In the 1990s, during my management consulting phase working with executive teams, I began to understand nonsense at work. But it wasn’t until I coached individuals that my understanding of nonsense turned into knowledge.

That is often how things work: we move from awareness to understanding to knowledge. (I am aware of music; I understand how music is made; but I don’t have the know-how to make music.)

My know-how of nonsense at work has made it possible for me to help individuals to be more successful despite the nonsense at work. (I have been doing so since 1990).

I believe that many people would enjoy their work more (job satisfaction), be more effective (job success) and so increase their prospects for promotion (career advancement) if they knew how to deal with the nonsense so common at work.

The purpose of my Patreon Page

This had me thinking. Could I help more than one person at a time by, for example, developing an on-line course?

What do you think? Have you ever felt trapped and frustrated by the ongoing nonsense at work? Do my nonsense ideas resonate with you?

If so, please become a patron and help me to help you and others to:
be more effective at work,
enjoy work more
  increase prospects for promotion

by teaching how to make the nonsense at work work for
instead of letting it work against.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 77 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 77 exclusive posts

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