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About Nooblivious

I have been a YouTuber for almost 3 years now, and, it has been quite a journey. I'm on the road to 10,000 subscribers, and I'm very excited to get there with y'all by my side. I'd like to say all money donated to me goes directly into either upgrading my equipment, or into projects such as my movie, "Sir Taco" which I really hope will be released before the end of 2019. At some point I would like to be financed at a point to which I can proceed to be a YouTuber full time, but until then I will continue to simply survive on my lawncare business.
You most likely came here from the channel, but if not, go check out my channel! Make sure your subscribe, and if you really love what you see, come back and drop a cent or two In my account so I can make better content in the future.
Thanks so very much! -  Nooblivious
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At the point of me having 16$, that would allow me to pay for the realm 100% out of pay-pal, and my yearly Xbox live gold pass as well. when I reach this amount on a sustainable basis, (3 consecutive months) I will upgrade my realm membership to allow more than 10 players on at a time.
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