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About has been built by hand, pixel-by-pixel, note-by-note with the intention of sharing well-known and loved songs in an easy-to-read format to encourage beginners and hobbyists alike :)

Take a look at "Happy Birthday" for example (full notes:

D - D     E - D   G   F#
Happy birthday to you

It's easy to read, and perfect for beginners =)

But what about if your instrument is tuned differently, or the notes are tricky to play? You can shift the notes up or down to suit your preferences! Here's the same 'Happy Birthday' snippet 2 semitones lower, starting on a 'C' (full notes:

C - C     D - C   F   E
Happy birthday to you

Great! But what about if you're from Europe and learned Do-Re-Mi notation instead? No problem! How does this look: (full notes:

Do-Do  Re-Do  Fa  Mi
Happy birthday to you

These simple settings allow for most people to play most of these songs on most instruments with some sort of tuning... they're very versatile! 

To date, I've written over 300 songs - all the notes picked out by ear, noted by hand then tested on both flute and a piano app on my phone - over nearly 2000 votes cast by NoobNotes users on these songs, they rate an average of 4.2 / 5 - so i figure i'm doing a pretty good job!

I've received lovely feedback too, from people all over the world, of all ages, playing different instruments to different abilities and they're all telling me the same thing - how much they love NoobNotes and how it's allowed them to enjoy practising the instrument without the pressure of reading sheet music. Most people play to relax ( and it seems this format seems to help them =)

My audience is growing too - at the moment i'm getting around 2-3 thousand visitors viewing around 10,000 pages EVERY DAY! can imagine the server costs starting to pile up already, and that's why I'm here.

I've decided to set up a Patreon page, should any user feed compelled to offer a small amount towards tech costs (servers, cdn, domain) then i'd gratefully accept =)

$0 of $50 per month
$50 a month would cover the server costs for NoobNotes - you'll be helping to deliver music lessons to over 100k users a month!
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