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I'll be posting status updates here on Patreon. If you'd like to keep track of my progress and vote on what comes next, this tier is for you.

Think of this as a tip jar to show support. I might add other features in the future, like a Discord server.

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Each month at least one random fan will be chosen to have their suggestion turned into a full scene. Post your submissions here or in the discord.

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You'll get a full commissioned scene for one of my games. See the Commission Rules section for more.

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About Noodle Jacuzzi

Salutations, I'm Noodle Jacuzzi, and I make games!
I'm the creator of Anomaly Vault, Hentai University, Bitch Medicenter, Human Alteration App, Rainy DayZ, and Princess Quest. You can find an up-to-date list of all my work (with demos) at my master index here:

If you're here for cheats, you can find them here:
Anomaly Vault:
Hentai University:

I'm always open to comments, suggestions, and criticism. If you'd like to contact me, leave a message here or comment in any of the discussion threads about my games on TFgames or F95zone. I also have a discord account, I'm NoodleJacuzzi#4120. And I have a discord channel for my games, as well as for Hentai University where Captain Cryptogreek hangs out:

I intend for 2 releases each month, but I'll only charge patrons once each month, and only when I release something with meaningful content (ie full new versions with scenes).
To avoid burnout while still managing a consistent schedule, I'll take breaks from working on whatever main game I'm actively developing to work on small side projects. For an example of this, see Princess Quest compared to Human Alteration App. If you'd like to commission one, it's the $40 tier over there.
This'll keep me working and engaged, but I understand if you pledged to support something like HAA, and aren't interested in supporting, for example, an update to Rainy DayZ. If you want to take a break as a patron, I completely understand. I recommend showing some love to the patreon pages of SexTheHex ( and SlutWriter (, both of whom are talented writers that deserve even more attention.

Commission Rules
  • No scat, guro, loli, or anything that breaks patreon's rules.
  • You need to provide your own images / gifs if you want something specific. High quality stuff preferably, stick to real porn if possible since that has a consistently higher level of quality. If you're fine with whatever, I can get the images myself.
  • Be detailed and descriptive, or your scene might be shorter and veer way off from what you intended.
  • Finally, please remain polite and respectful, and I will do the same with you.

I'll aim for finishing commissions at the end of each month. If I haven't added them to their game yet, they'll be available in the index, or in html files you can download for offline viewing. Please be sure to send your requests to me via whatever method you're most comfortable with.

I encourage emailing or messaging me before pledging for a commission to make sure that your request is feasible.As of March 2021 I've gone back to doing patron previews and polls, but I am always A-OK with you ending your patronage for as long as you need. Food and housing are more important than supporting porn! (Probably)

This Month's Schedule:
July 30th - Anomaly Vault v11 (I'll be charging on this date!)
$379.79 of $1,000 per
This is how much it'd take to make a living wage solely off of game development! It's not a goal I expect to hit immediately, but I'll keep clunking along, improving and putting out new content as best I can until I can go back to being a full-time game developer.
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