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About Nordic Larp

The top photo is taken by Sebastian Utbult at a larp in the Krigshjärta (Heart of War) campaign in Sweden. is a website about larp. It’s based in the Nordic traditions, but covers a wide array of topics in the realm of larp by authors from around the world.

The website is run as a non-profit project by volunteers in our free time. It was started in 2012 after that year’s edition of the Knutepunkt/Solmukohta Nordic larp conference. The idea was to have a digital space for documentation, sharing opinions and other types of information about larp.

At it’s heart, is an online magazine, but it also has a couple of other central features. The Nordic Larp Wiki is a documentation hub ment as a encyclopedia of Nordic larp, larp theory, and related subjects. The Nordic Larp Calendar is a place to announce your larp or find one to attend.

This project is very much a labor of love, but in the long run, it’s not sustainable to cover the costs out of pocket. This is why we’re asking for your money.

The goals on this page cover it pretty well, but the general idea is to cover our running costs at first. Web hosting, domain names and software licenses makes up the basic cost of keeping the site up. More money basically means better solutions that makes the website faster and better to use for our readers.

Any money we get beyond that will be used to improve the content quality. With more funds we can make sure to have authors and editors representing the website at larps, cons and other meeting places. Given enough funds we could also add new features to the website.

Lastly, we would love to be able to compensate our authors and editors for their work. All goals mentioned above are money going straight to cover bills and costs. If we get enough donations we can pay contributors a symbolic sum for original content.

We’re never going to offer any exclusive content or spend resources sending any rewards out. We want to focus on putting out quality content to everyone who can enjoy it and benefit from it.

If you enjoy and want us to keep to going, please donate some money and help us make the website even better! Every dollar helps! <3

Johannes Axner
Editor-in-Chief & Founder
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