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About Normal Peeps Network

Hello Everybody!
Normal Peeps Network (NPN) is excited to announce its Patreon page! We're a group of 5 people currently, including The Drakman, GOHO (GameOverHandOut), HemoPreston, Lukisforgets, and Rax Ventus. We've actually been YouTubing... YouTube-ing? Since 2014, but to be honest anything before 2017 was crap and we've actually removed it from the channel! 

We're Here on Patreon because we know this is what we want to do, making videos is the best creative outlet and we'd love to do this for a living. In exchange for your support the content you'll be getting is more of our current shows, those being Normal Peeps Play, Sw!tch, and NPCs. You'll also be getting our new in the works show slated for Fall 2019.

Lastly, we plan on moving the channel's focus away from video games (not that those will go away!) and to Television as a whole, we can't say much now, but trust us when we say big changes are coming, there's lots of room to grow, and we're ready to tackle our dreams.

If you want a taste of what we do, head to YouTube or to our website!
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50 bucks a month, this is our first goal. Honestly this doesn't get us much in the way of new equipment, but does cover the costs of running the website and some extra to throw in savings.
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