The North Bay Hootenanny is creating a vibrant music community in the north bay

$3 /creation
Patron - You are an important part of the Hootenanny movement - thanks!
  • Access to our patron-only feed, where we will be posting all sorts of exclusive goodies.  

$5 /creation
Hootenanny High Five - If everyone could do this, we would really transform the community here...
  • Access to the patron-only feed, wher...

$10 /creation
North Bay Music Enthusiast - Your fellow music-lovers thank you!
  • A download code for some music from the North Bay.
  • Access to the patron-only feed.
  • We will also mail you a thank you postcard!

$20 /creation
Hootenanny Sponsor - Yes!  You should be publicly thanked for this...
  • We'll put your name (or business) on our "sponsors" page at

$40 /creation
Hootenanny Hero - We want to have you with us at all of our events!
  • We'll put your name (or business) on a sign that will be present at ...

$75 /creation
A Patron of the Arts - You are taking a leadership role in supporting the arts in the North Bay!
  • You will be invited to take part in a seasona

$100 /creation
You are "On the List" - You have the golden ticket to our shows...
  • Free access to all shows produced by the North Bay ...