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Hello there, and welcome! My name is Stefan, and I make video essays and documentaries on video games.

My primary focus is the fascinating and mostly unknown lore of the classic RTS series Command & Conquer, delivered in my own pseudo-in-universe style, such as my documentaries on the alien crystal Tiberium, and the charismatic and enigmatic villain, Kane. I also cover the standalone topics, such as the birth of Mother/EarthBound and the death of F-Zero.

I have been making videos on YouTube for over ten years, purely as a creative outlet, as a hobby. I always used to make more or less whatever nonsense I fancied making, never expecting people to actually watch it. After some of these videos reached a much larger audience than I had anticipated, I decided to put much more effort into my content, to make the kind of videos I hope people would want to watch, and which I would be proud to present. My current goal is to decrease the amount of time I spent making these videos, without cutting corners and reducing research or editing quality, and maintain the standards of the channel.

Back in the real world, I am a self-employed videographer, and unfortunately work in my area can sometimes be infrequent and unpredictable. I hope to be able to make these videos for as long as I can, and it would be extremely helpful if my hobby were able to support itself, such as for new equipment like hard drives. For instance, I would love to upgrade to a large enough SSD for editing, as my stock HDD struggles with the amount of footage I throw at it.

If you enjoy the channel's content, and are interested and able to support the production of future videos, please consider becoming a patron of the channel!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for stopping by.


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