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is creating Light-cinematic gameplay videos, from a non-gamer persepective.

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Welcome to Not-Gamer-Gaming!

We started on Patreon because started to believe in the *possibility* our channel could take off, and we could make people laugh with our video game antics for more than just a hobby. This is where *you* come in!

DaphyDuck91 is a mom of 3 on maternity leave, and is learning to edit videos between managing the needs of her family. When maternity is up, and it's time to return to work, the content will slow now and our channel will not be receiving as much attention while we keep our lights on.

Genosis is the gamer husband who works the 8-5 grind as a programmer, doing his best to keep food on the table. He helps create content with his lovely wife, while aiding with his technical skills to support the dream of a successful YouTube channel.

Together, we do our best to keep things fun and enjoying all the positive feedback we have been getting! If you would like to keep our channel going and get more of our wacky antics, please consider being a part of enabling us to focus on doing so and show some support!

Thank you to everyone who has made it possible for this to even be a consideration. <3
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This is the rough minimum baseline to justify becoming a Stay-at-Home Mom/YouTuber. DaphyDuck91 makes the channel her 2nd full time job (being a mommy is 1st!) and will be able to create content on a regular basis. Living the dream!
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