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star stuff
$1 or more per month patrons
you get so very much gratitude, oh my.  you also get:
  • access to comic inks
  • access to writing notes
  • access to comic thumbnails
  • access to any other patreon-only content!
if you can't manage 1$ a month, ANY support will still gain you access to all of these things. cuz i love you. :>
first hit's (mostly) free
$5 or more per month patrons
you get ONE brushpen.  this is a one-time reward!
Brushy Brushy
$10 or more per month patrons
 i'll draw you a (pg13 rated, single character) brushpen piece once per month! 
Badges, busts, inks and experiments
$25 or more per month patrons
Once a month you get to pick what you'd like me to draw for you!

- a BUST character pic in pen/marker

- a full-character in lineart OR

- an experimental digital drawing

Whole characters or whole lotta brushpens
$38 or more per month patrons
once a month you get to decide what i'll draw for you!

 - a full body character picture (like above)

- OR four (!!) brushpens from the brushy-brushy tier!

Galactic Tourist
$100 or more per month patrons
 oh wow high roller :O!!!!
you can pick either one character with a complex background
*or* TWO characters and a simple background 
meow meow magic
$400 or more per month patrons
it's MEOW MEOW MAGIC.  this is also basically a gag tier haha

if you don't know what that is, it's where you get to ask ren to grant you a wish. but ren's a cat, so her ability to grant wishes is pretty fickle. i can, however, record cute videos of her for you at this tier i guess?

Luna is also available for wish granting, but I caution you against goblin magic :o it's a wild and unpredictable thing!