Not Invented Here is creating Comics

$1 /creation
Occasional Smile. You enjoy NIH in a passing way, and would feel vaguely melancholy if it were to go away.

$3 /creation
Sporadic Chuckle. NIH tickles your fancy from time to time, and its absence would leave a small but noticeable hole in your life.

$5 /creation
Reliable Giggle. The characters and situations of NIH amuse you on a regular basis. Were it to cease, your esprit de corps would suffer a blow.

$10 /creation
Frequent Laughter. NIH cracks you up more often than not. The thought that it might vanish takes you to a dark place you can't entirely escape, even with the assistance of coffee and chocolate.

$25 /creation
Constant Joy. You love the hell out of NIH. It can't stop. It won't stop, not if you have anything to do with it. And you do. You do.

$50 /creation
Unceasing Delight. NIH is simply the Internet Thing you look forward to the most. It seems to be written specifically for you, and describes all your friends and/or cowork...