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About Barker PODcasts

So.....Another Podcast/Blog asking for money? The cheek of it right?! well I don't blame you. The internet is full of people always looking to others to pay for them.........well I suppose in a way that is very true here.

I am not going to sit here and write down the hundreds of reasons why I think you should even bother to consider supporting this patreon because I am NOT a sales monkey who is trying to trap you. I am simply somebody who loves creating creative content for my website and entertaining people. The whole idea of finally succumbing to the idea of "crowd funding" was purely based on the fact that I have faith in my ability to create consistent and entertaining  content and I am hoping some of you feel the same. I am simply giving you the opportunity to lend a hand, collaborate and support me so I can get onto the next step of this creative venture.

The #NOTlistening website hosts many comedy podcasts, creative blog posts, innovative videos and also spin off podcasts to accompany the site.

Do I expect this to make me a celebrity by the end? NO! But I do believe it would push me into a happier and more innovative path. 

This Patreon was set up to allow any supporters of mine to simply lend a hand and get involved in creating something that I have spent many years nurturing. I think it's time we gave ourselves the opportunity to grow.

More Podcasts, More Videos, More Blogs....More Entertainment.
If this doesn't get ANY backing, then I suppose I can continue with everything regardless, but with your help we can take it further.

Thank you for your time, and either way I hope you are still sticking around to listen to the Podcasts and check out the great stuff on the website
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Obviously bandwidth and online storage for the podcast audio can become an issue, so with this monthly take, it would keep the podcasts going and the able to be released consistently.
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