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You are supporting independent radio, and that is awesome, and thank you! A gift at this level will cost you around $4/ month total. That's one cup of coffee at St...

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You are more than doubling-down on your support of good radio - you are tripling-down! High five! This is $12 a month - the cost of a cheap, but decent, bottle of wine. You will be...

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We thank you by name in the credits, at least once a month, probably more, every month, as long as you remain a patron. Naturally, you get all the rewards listed above as well (as ...

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A. ma. zing. Support at this level allows us to dream. We can upgrade studio equipment. We can create live events. Your support will also allow us to work with other podcas...

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Socks. Knocked. Off. THANK YOU! You get all the things above, of course. In addition, show host David Dault will travel anywhere in the 48 states to come visit you.