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I've been impersonating Tom Cruise for well over a decade. It's a fickle business. Lots of ups and downs. I carved out a niche for myself by embracing the power of the web when Youtube and Funnyordie launched, posting a slew of content with little to no expectations about making a meaningful income. I was just doing sketch comedy and improvisational work for fun. But being first one out of the gate certainly helped solidify my position at the time. This was back in 2005. So, yeah, been at this for quite some time. I never imagined I'd still be doing it nearly 15 years later. What I discovered throughout my career and chiefly over the past few months is that my video content and creative ability to expand upon Cruise's mythology in my work, sparks a great deal of joy amongst my followers. My audience's appreciation of my work and the joy associated with it provides me with a strong sense of purpose. This is why I have no intention of stopping. So, with this Patreon account, I'd love a little bit of help. Help me, help you, help me to create high-quality and engaging content so that I can make people laugh and experience joy on a regular basis. Here's a little bit of history—

Known throughout the world as the leading Tom Cruise impersonator, I've traveled the globe impersonating the biggest movie star on the planet and have appeared in a host of commercials, films, and corporate events, working with Corridor Digital, Toyota, Abbott Labs, Tech Crunch, Disney, FX, Maker Studios, DirectTV, Channel 4 Television and many other companies seeking to harness the unparalleled energy and wildly infectious charisma that Cruise possesses. A few years back, I was fortunate to have made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, performing the iconic courtroom drama scene from A Few Good Men. I received the biggest praise of all on EXTRA from Tom Cruise himself, who exclaimed “His voice is uncanny,” while laughing maniacally. I first discovered I had the unique ability to impersonate Cruise back when my college roommate, Alex, pointed out the eery similarities, notably the voice and mannerisms. He strongly encouraged me to capitalize on this newfound talent and ability. Jerry Maguire had just been released that same year, so there was a lot of new material to work with. Alex did an impressive Jean Claude Van Damme impersonation. He and I would knock on female dorm rooms and perform for our newfound audience, hoping to gain entry. Our collaboration worked 70% of the time. The rest is history. I would very much like to thank Tom Cruise himself for opening my life up to new, exciting, and surreal possibilities. Cruise is truly is my spirit animal. 
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