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About notveryalice

About Me
I'm taking part in the TEXTURES 2020 fiction workshop by Witch Craft Magazine and writer Elle Nash. I was a participant in Dzanc Books' Lisbon-based programme Disquiet in 2015 and won a fellowship to the 2019 Summer Literary Seminars programme in Tbilisi, Georgia. I am a regular at the invitation-only professional writers' workshop Turkey City, which has counted writers like Lisa Tuttle, Stina Leicht, Bruce Sterling, William Gibson, and Christopher Brown among its participants.

I write in a lot of different sub-genres but I always come back to where I feel most at home, which is the literary end of speculative fiction. (Whatever "literary" means. I don't know.) This will be a place for me to publish things I don't think will appeal to markets like journals, or things that I think are worth reading but that don't form a coherent whole with the rest of my work.

Here's what to expect, roughly speaking. I am a polymath, so you'll see a lot of variation in my posts.

- Writing/editing fiction
I'd like to write novels for a living. We'll see.

- Linguistic philosophy
I designed my own BA to cover symbolic logic, primordial metaphysics, epistemology, and cognitive, behavioural, and historical linguistics. I stumbled across linguistic philosophy in college and fell in love with it.

- Subatomic/nuclear physics
I just find it interesting.

- Architecture & Design
Googie, art deco, mid-century futurism. There's some overlap between nuclear physics and the atomic craze in mid-century futurism. (Have you noticed how beautiful the control room of a reactor is?)

- Cooking
...and the science behind it.

- My great-grandmother's postcard collection
My grandfather continued it, so I have hundreds of them. They span 1900 to the mid 1980s, and a lot of them have family messages.

- Tarot, weird 70s woo-woo, and Jungian archetypes
I especially love woo-woo machines that do nothing (Scientology soup cans, crystal-based healing helmets)

- Weird plants
Carnivores, aquatic colonies (marimo), sporophytes

- Pre-Christian paganism

- Disability and mental health
I have multiple sclerosis and experience with mental illness.

- Long distance walking
Ultralight equipment, although I'm not a part of the community because the ultralight community doesn't deal with disability well.

Upcoming Projects
1. Untitled Book Podcast
I've been talking to a good friend about doing podcast episodes about books, book gossip, and the publishing world. I'll have more news later this year.

2. Book Coaching for Marginalised Writers 
Are you a marginalised writer of YA or adult market fiction? (Black writers, my services are always free for you. Please email me at [email protected]) Would you like a personal writing coach? You might be interested that I'm launching a Patreon tier that provides private coaching for marginalised writers for $1.00 per month. Please check out the editing page on my website to see what services I offer and whether coaching might be useful to you. All skill levels and marginalisations welcome! I'm especially interested in helping writers who think they're beginners. Please apply using the contact form on my website. I'm disabled, so I have limited energy and will have to unfortunately limit to two clients. Applications will close September 2021 (delayed because so far 2020 is like buying a grab bag from a clothing store and opening it to find wasps. just wasps).

3. Book release on my Patreon
If I reach 100 patrons, I'll release an entire novel for patrons of all tiers to read.

All page art by Abi Stevens.
5 of 100 patrons
I will publish an entire novel on my Patreon page serially (one chapter every two weeks) and make it accessible to all my patrons. Once all the chapters are published, all of my patrons will receive an ebook copy.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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