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My name is Michael Elliott and I'm a writer.

I write short stories, I create narrative experiences, and I design games.

Sometimes people pay me to do these things, but most of the time I'm doing it because I love it and other people enjoy it. I've set up this Patreon so that people can support me and my writing, and receive some tangible benefits in return. If you pledge at the $5 or $10 level, you get access to my games on This requires me to message you after you pledge. Please allow at least 24 hours for me to message you through Patreon.

My patrons have made it possible for me to develop several tabletop games, RPGs, and game supplements. You can find some of the projects that my patrons have made possible below. 

Free Games & Supplements

MATR1X 0VERL0AD: A cyberpunk solitaire card game. You take on the role of a hacker using the internet to steal from and kill the super rich. The player lays out a grid of cards that represents the internet and attempt to arrange the cards to kill the royal face cards that surround it.

The Operative: A fan playbook for the Scum & Villainy RPG. Play as a mysterious scoundrel who is talented at stealth, infiltration, and the secrets of the Galactic Hegemony.

The Pledge: A fan playbook for the Blades in the Dark RPG. Play as a young petty thief who is brand new to the crew and being a scoundrel in the city of Doskvol.

$5 Games

Every patron who pledges $5 or more receives free download codes for the following games and supplements via Patreon message after they pledge, and more games as I complete them.

A Few Degrees of Warming: A hack of Avery Alder's The Quiet Year, this is a map making game about a modern coastal city gradually overwhelmed by climate change. Players draw a map of a familiar city and see how it is changed with global warming, rising sea levels, and resource shortages.

Area Zero One: An incursion for the Trophy Gold RPG. Use modern backgrounds, skills, and equipment to explore a remote Canadian town after it has been consumed by a mysterious phenomenon. 

MATR1X 0VERL0AD: CYBERMANCY: An extended version of my cyberpunk solitaire game. Includes rules for playing with tarot cards as well as 3 new game modes. Once again inhabit the role of the world's greatest hacker, and free the world from the bondage of capitalism.

One Trillion Years: A tabletop role playing game about the far future of humanity. Players take on the roles of various guilds within the human diaspora as we leave our solar system, our galaxy, and eventually our universe in an effort to survive entropy.

Spooky Action at a Distance: A single-player tabletop roleplaying game about first contact with alien life. You play as the envoy for humanity, tasked with interacting with the alien and finding out as much as you can.

Story Time Frames: A simple storytelling game that uses social media to tell a fun story with your friends and followers.

Wild Speed: Space Family: A short RPG about a ridiculous action film in space. Inspired by the Fast & the Furious franchise, players take on the roles of iconic action film characters and act out a truly ridiculous and over-the-top series of events. 

World Maker: A creative writing tool that lets you build your own fictional world or campaign setting from scratch. Inspired by some of my favourite RPGs, World Maker generates unique characters and tasks the player to build a world that suits them.

$10+ Games

Every patron who pledges $10 or more also receives free download codes for the following games via Patreon message after they pledge, and more games as I complete them.

A Torch in the Dark: A single-player dungeon crawling RPG. The dead Lords have arisen! Take up your torch and raid the crypts of the cursed nobility. Gather loot and coin, resupply, and delve again!

Neon Black: A dystopian cyberpunk tabletop role playing game, based on Blades in the Dark. Play as members of one of Prime City's communities and try to survive in a world of authoritarian corporations and artificial intelligences. This game is currently under heavy revisions and is in early access.

$297.45 of $900 per month
Expenses Paid
At this point I'm making enough to cover all of my monthly expenses. This is a major milestone as it removes a significant amount of anxiety from my life and allows me to create and write more without needing to sell it for profit.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 92 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 92 exclusive posts

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