Not Your Cup Of Chai is creating a podcast by 2 women of colour who cut through all the bullshit

The Chai Lovers’ Room

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We love making Not Your Cup Of Chai, and we’re so grateful that you want to support our work. At $1 a month, you’ll be an official member of the Not Your Cup of Chai club, and will get acce...

The Oolong Room

$3 /mo
Money can’t buy us, but it can buy a shout-out. And also it can buy us things like web-hosting and bread and rent, and our love. At $3 per month, you’ll get a shout-out on the next...

The Green Tea Room

$5 /mo
We take our tea seriously, too. At $5 a month, you’ll get all of the above - the shout-out and access to the patron-only feed, as well as access to exclusive Q&A episodes of th...

The Camomile Room

$20 /mo
Are you for real? This super generous $20 amount will give you all of the above: the patron-only feed, the shout-out in the next episode, access to the exclusive monthly Q&A podcast episodes, a...

The Earl Grey Room

$100 /mo
Wow... you really love us! We give out huge virtual hugs and tears of gratitude to you! At the $100 tier you get gratitude... so much gratitude, access to the patron only feed, a shout-out, a link ...