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About the Not Your Fault collective

Not Your Fault is a collective of survivors, creating resources to support other survivors of sexual violence.

We run a support group for men (trans, cis, and otherwise) and non-binary people (of any/no gender expression) who have experienced sexual violence, and anyone else who's experienced sexual violence and is unable to access other support.

The support group is a peer-led space where survivors can discuss their experiences and build solidarity and community with other survivors, and it's one of only two support groups in the whole UK which is focused on men and explicitly includes non-binary people (ours was inspired by the other one, which is in Leeds). We have fortnightly meeting in Edinburgh, monthly meetings in Glasgow, and a fortnightly chat group online. Here's our website, facebook & twitter.

There is a lack of services for people who are trans, non-binary, and gender-nonconforming who don't identify with womanhood, but also aren't comfortable navigating spaces directed primarily toward cis men. Trans people are significantly more likely to experience sexual violence than cis people, and the violence we face is gendered, but there are very few resources which include us. There are even less resources for trans survivors which are free, accessible to people with mobility access needs and autism, and don't require proof of address or immigration status. Our group is run primarily by trans and non-binary people who are survivors ourselves. We're unpaid volunteers who see a lack of vital services for survivors like us, so we've decided to do something about it.

We want to create the infrastructure to support survivors, and
ultimately create a culture of support which combats rape culture

Why Patreon?

Because we're unpaid, our capacity to do this important support work is limited. We all have other work which we need to pay our bills. The support collective can turn down other work and do more for survivors if we are able to pay ourselves.

Fantasy to-do list

Sustainable activism isn't very glamorous: it involves a lot of admin. Here's what we'd be able to do if we had more funding:

  • Start an in-person version of the support group in Glasgow, in addition to the online group chats. DONE!
  • Outreach — right now we're primarily targeting people in our immediate social group
  • Contribute to the costs of running the community spaces we use DONE! We donate monthly to Glasgow Autonomous Space (where we held meetings for many months), and are looking to donate regularly to Category Is Books (where we currently hold meetings)
  • Create resources for survivors like lists of trans-inclusive affordable therapy, and other resources around mental health and other healthcare
  • Collaborate with other survivors' support services and advocacy groups, e.g. around healthcare and legal advice, doing direct actions together, and advocating for legislative change
  • Run workshops and skill-shares — about how to support survivors, how to make spaces safer for survivors, how to interrupt violence and support abusers, consent and boundary-setting, and information security which empowers survivors to control their privacy
  • Offer trans/gender training for support services which are currently crap at it ONGOING!
  • Be a better Trans Fairy Godparent™️ — properly answering messages from baby queers and trans people who need role models, instead of only being able to send short replies
  • Organize more pro-survivors gigs which explicitly no-platform abusers, like this one our founder did in September 2018
  • Start a food pantry in Glasgow's southside
  • Research and apply for other funding
  • Start an emergency fund for survivors who need it in crises, covering basic living costs like food and housing and medical


So many people do this work for free, and most of us are survivors. And, we burn out. We don't want to burn out. This work is too important and we want to make it sustainable on an ongoing, indefinite basis.

Professionalism is dubious. We're not professional therapists or support workers, and it feels weird to professionalize our roles by asking to be paid for our work, but a big part of the work we want to do is to de-professionalize it and enable / empower other non-professionals to support survivors.

What's in it for you?

There are no immediate, tangible "results" of these projects if you're not accessing these resources yourself. But if you become a patron, you'll be directly supporting survivors (the volunteers and co-facilitators), and supporting the support work we do to support other survivors. You'll be contributing to creating a culture of support for survivors, countering rape culture with direct action, and building solidarity.

Thank you for supporting survivors supporting survivors 💜
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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