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Thank for so much for supporting Novae. You’re a shining star in our universe!

+ Early pages 2x a week
+ Factoids and Development sketches
+ A page from Sulvain's notebook
+ Access to the Patreon-only feed

Twin Star

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+ Sketches of intimate scenes (Occasionally a bit spicy) + Gag comics and bonus scenes
+ A PDF of the entire chapter ahead of the website (every 4-6 months)
+ Weekly early pages
+ Novae lore / factoids
+ Development sketches
+ Everything in the Star Tier 

Star Cluster

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+ A secret comic that focuses on backstories or bonus scenes

+ Process videos

+ PSDs of selected pages

+ Secret materials for other projects

+ Everything in the Star and Twin Star Tiers




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About KaiJu

Hello! We’re Kaiju, a creative team made up of Jen X. and Kate R. We create Novae, an LGBT+ historical romance comic steeped in mystery, necromancy and the wonders of the universe.

Novae chronicles the adventures of Sulvain, a sweet tempered necromancer and Raziol, a passionate 17th century astronomer. While studying the stars together, a connection forms between them and their relationship blooms. However, when the body of a fellow astronomer is found on the steps of the Academy of Sciences, their lives are entangled in ways they could never foresee.

Our goal is to work on Novae full-time and we’ve got a lot of goodies to share for those who would like to help Novae come into fruition. We’re currently updating twice a week. With our Patreon we’d love to eventually increase our update schedule to 4 times a week. Not only that, but just for our patrons, we'll be creating a lot of extra content! This includes:

  • An extra comic about the characters that updates 2x a month.
  • Gag comics and bonus scenes.
  • Sketches and drawings of intimate scenes.
  • Process videos
  • A PDF of the entire chapter before it’s released page by page on the website.
  • Quarterly wallpapers.
  • Early pages.
  • A monthly postcard sent directly to your door.
  • Secret materials to other projects we’re working on.
  • Unlocking more bonus award tiers! Including physical gifts, in depth tutorials, spicy comics, and AU comics.

See here for an in-depth explanation of each tier!

We’ve been preparing for months and we are super excited to show everything we’ve been working on with our patrons! Novae is a dense story with a lot to explore and with our Patreon we invite our readers to draw back the curtain and see the magic and bones behind the comic. For those interested in seeing the depths, processes and hidden secrets behind the story, we have a lot in store for you! <3

Novae will continue to update for free on the website, but with your support, we can dedicate our time to Novae and push the story out faster. A lot of love and care goes into each page of Novae, but we are only a two person team and we need fuel to keep ourselves healthy, happy, and productive. We are extremely thankful and grateful to our readers and patrons. Thank you for taking an interest and contributing directly to us and the future of Novae!

$4,500 - reached! per month
We will add another 15 slots to the Constellation tier! More benefits will be added as we finish our other project! If we reach this goal we can get an apartment!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 597 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 597 exclusive posts

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